Thursday, March 7, 2013

Appreciating humor when life isn't too fun

Sometimes a humorous situation happens just when you need it.

Just when I was getting my feet under me, we hit another few rough days with Tiny T.  We noticed that he had a cough on Sunday. I wasn't too worried because he had his two month well check on Monday. He survived his shots but we needed to schedule a follow up weight check as his weight had a significant drop off in the percentiles. His doctor thought he had a little cold but was not overly concerned about the sniffles nor the weight.

Mr. T and I decided to try an keep a closer eye on the actual amount of ounces and continue waking him up at 11pm to feed him.  Then Tuesday hit and he didn't nap at all. Then Wednesday came and he didn't nap again and spent most of the morning crying. Crying in the swing. Crying in the bouncer. Crying in his crib with his glow worm playing. Crying while I held him.  It was a challenging morning and I started to get concerned. I started second guessing EVERYTHING I was doing as his mom. Was he overtired, under stimulated. Was it really acid reflux or did I just have a fussy baby.

Then I heard the cough. It was more like a cough, followed by a gag then a frantic attempt for him to catch his breath. I paused, and thought that that cough was not too normal. Then I turned into a doctor (terrible, terrible idea) and came up with the hypothesis that his cough was related to his acid reflux. I went further with this hypothesis and talked myself out of calling the nurse line because he was JUST there two days ago and examined by his doctor. I asked my mom and my mother in law for their opinions. They both suggested that I call the nurse line. But again, I didn't. I was fearful that I was becoming that crazy mom with one too many calls into the office. I began to feel like I couldn't read Tiny T.. when it was apparent that something was going on.

I woke up this morning determined to get out of the house. I still wasn't sure about what was going on with Tiny.. But I knew that Toddler T really needed a morning out. So, it was the MOMs club to the rescue. We had a monthly meeting and as God was my witness, I was going. I was going to chat with my friends, Toddler T was going to play with his and life would be good. 

There were some new members and I overheard one mention that her son was born on January 1st at the Town Hospital. I looked over and recognized her. I said, "Wow, we were at the Town Hospital at the same time. My son was born on New Years Eve!"  Her response stunned and mortified me in the same moment.  She said, "Were you the one that couldn't get an epidural."  Me, "Pardon me? I mean it took awhile for the epidural to come but I did get it."  New Mom, "Right, you had a c-section and had to wait. My husband and I could hear you screaming."  Me, "Um, I'm not really sure how to take that."

I was known to this family as the screaming girl in labor. Only in Mommyland such a scenario occur and then both she and I exchanged phone numbers to hang out during the day.

But seriously, she heard me screaming.........

It was perfect timing that such an embarrassingly funny story would come my way. I came home, got over myself and called the nurse line. Turns out a wet cough has nothing to do with acid reflux and the doctor wanted to see Tiny.  One nasal swab later and we were told that he has RSV and an ear infection. We were sent home with a nebulizer and an antibiotic.  

I needed a laugh today because RSV is serious (treatable but serious). I also needed to be reminded that my instincts as a mother are valid even if that means moving into the pediatrician's office.

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