Monday, June 18, 2012


Today marked another important milestone for Mr. T, Tiny T and I. 

Today, I went through with the CVS testing.

I'll admit, I was nervous for the procedure and even more nervous at what the results might show. But if someone pressed me to say what was I most afraid about, Hands down, it was the through of a large needle going through my abdomen and or cervix. 

Scary, right?

Mr. T and I arrived at 1pm for our meeting with the genetic counselor. She was thorough and remarked that I had clearly done my homework on the pros and cons of the procedure. I wanted to respond that when a doctor may insert a needle through your cervix to retrieve a sample from your placenta, you start studying. But, I kept my mouth shut and smiled.  We then discussed doing a modified screening for neural tube defects. CVS will not detect spina bifidia or other neural tube defects and I was somewhat anxious that we would miss out on this screening. What we will be doing is an additional blood test at 16 weeks followed by the detailed anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks. 

We then left her office and were shown to an ultrasound room where I was NOT instructed to take everything off from the waist down. (It's the little things).  This was my first abdominal ultrasound in 15 months and it was HEAVEN.  Right before the tech began her exam, I experience a wave of full fledged, white knuckled panic. I envisioned looking up at the screen and seeing nothing. No flicker of a heartbeat, no waving of limbs, nothing. It was almost more than I could handle and I thought I might get sick. 

I exhaled as soon as I saw Tiny T, flipping around like the next member of Cirque Du Soleil.  It was a sight to see. This was also the first time that Tiny T looked more like a Tiny T and less like a bean. That was also amazing.  The tech began to spout off information, heart rate 170.  Measuring 12 weeks.  Needle will be through the abdomen. Placenta on top. I say spout, because this is exactly how it came out. Robotic. I asked if there was any concern that the baby was measuring one week ahead. Her response was "We are not changing your due date because you went through IVF." OK, so that wasn't exactly my question. I'm quite sure of the conception aspect of this pregnancy, just wanted reassurance if everything was OK. She then finished up and left. Mr. T agreed that she was frosty.

I waited for what seemed an eternity for the doctor to enter the room. The mix of anxiety, a full bladder, cold gel on my stomach and my shirt up above my ribcage started to get to me. I will say, the doctor was very warm and I felt comfortable telling him that I was getting really nervous. He promised I'd be fine. He also reassured me that there was no concern with the baby measuring a week ahead. That was good to hear. 

Now it was time to begin. I started at the popcorn ceiling and wished I was anywhere but that table. I just wanted the next 2-3 minutes to be over and fast. The tech found the placenta on the screen and the doctor poked around my stomach with his finger to pinpoint where the needle would be going in. I barely felt the needle going in, but I did feel the near immediate cramping as he pulled out the sample. Guess what? It hurt. He finished up, said that everything went perfect and to expect results in 8-10 days. The nurse then gave me my discharge instructions. No lifting. No Tylenol for 24 hrs and to call with anything concerns.

The cramping has been pretty steady throughout the day and I'm surprised by how knocked out I felt by this procedure. I can only hope and pray that Tiny T passes this first test with flying colors. 

Other than that, the beach was great and Toddler T will be 3 on Wednesday!


  1. I kept tightening my stomach muscles while reading if an invisible needle was going to come poke me! Hoping for great results for you!

  2. So happy to hear that everything went well today and you were able to see tiny t! Only 28 weeks to go. fingers still crossed that everything come back okay!

  3. Glad things went well - rest up and feel better soon!

  4. Ooooh rest up! My post-IVF stomach is CRINGING at the thought of a needle slamming into the ute to take a sample... eeek! Good luck with the results, I'm sure it's awfully difficult waiting so long!

  5. ugh- not a fun procedure at all! But you made it! Yeaaa!!!! Happy 3 years to Toddler T!

  6. I can't imagine how stressful this procedure was!! I'm glad everything went well for you:) looking forward to more good news in the future!!

  7. CVSs scare the pants off of me! You were so brave! Congrats on getting through it!