Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a crazy week it has been!!

Two momentous events this week. 

1. I am officially 12 weeks!!!!
2. My Baby turned THREE!!!!!!

Let's recap the pregnancy week. 

I am officially wearing maternity shorts and jeans full-time. I wished I could have been one of those girls that made it to 7 months by just putting a rubber band through her button hole, but that is just not the case for me. I am much more comfortable, indeed. I also realize that full-time maternity gear encourages other people to openly ask if you are expecting. I am beginning to get comfortable with that fact too.  

I met with the nurse at my new group.  She was super nice and we spent a good part of the appointment talking about social work. Turns out, her daughter is thinking of pursuing her Master's in Social Work and was feeling torn between a state school and a private university. Since, I just finished paying off my loans last year (10 years post graduation), I encouraged the nurse to tell her daughter to find the most inexpensive, fully accredited program in the state. It's no secret that social workers aren't at the top of the pay grade. It was really nice to have an actual conversation with a health care providers about something besides infertility and lab reports. 

We then moved on to the most dreaded part of pregnancy...... weight gain. This past year has not been kind to me. Ashamed as I am, there were many a time where I had this thought... "Can't get pregnant, BUT, I can have this cookie/piece of cake/ice cream/extra serving" You get the point. I did make a push right before the last IVF cycle to lose weight, and I did. 11 pounds. Well, as soon as I lost them they came right back on. This then caused me to start this pregnancy at about 10-15 pounds heavier than with Toddler T. Because of this, the nurse recommended that I gain between 15-25 pounds. I.almost.died. I may have actually laughed a little bit. But this prompted me to go over my next concern, my previous weight gain. With Toddler T, I gained approximately 60 pounds. Maybe more. I stopped looking at the scale during the last month.  Before you all get the impression that I did nothing but, slurp big gulps and hit Taco Bell for my fourth meal. I didn't. I actually eat fairly well and have been on the petite side the majority of my life. This weight gain was real and it was hard to handle. I explained to the nurse, that while I didn't follow a perfect diet, it wasn't all due to gross negligence. 

Then we discussed Toddler T's birth weight 9lbs, 1 oz. Bigger than the average baby. Then we discussed the fact that perhaps I was missed by the glucose tolerance screening and that I should be more proactive this time. So, I will be following a no-concentrated sweets diet. It really is a common sense one, no canned fruit (Do people actually eat that outside of a school cafeteria), jelly, jam, sweetened drinks, cake, frosting, icing, ice cream or ice pops. I'll tell you right now, I'm not surviving the whole summer without the occasional ice cream or fruit pop. But I can try really hard to avoid the others.  I will also make an effort to look at what I'm eating, adding more protein and cutting back on carbs. I think between pintrest and, I'll be in a better place than last time.

I go back in two weeks for another check up and that's that. (Oh, and waiting for the CVS results next week, which may include GENDER!!!)

Now for the other event.

Toddler T is THREE!

Even though he's technically a 'pre-schooler', Toddler T is cuter and for the life of this blog, that is what he'll remain. My little boy was so excited for his birthday, it was infectious.  He would tell us all the things that he needed for a birthday party. They included, cake, a pinata, a sprinkler and presents, of course. My mom bought him the cutest shirt that said "Happy Birthday to ME!" To know Toddler T is to know that this shirt fit his personality to a T.  We had a John Deere themed party for his friends on Wednesday, his actual birthday. It was hot, but it was fun.  We included all of his requested elements, right down to a well supervised Pinata. Mr. T made fun of me for stuffing the pinata with goldfish, raisin boxes and Hershey kisses. He thought it was very underwhelming for the kids. Ok, maybe the raisins were a tad too healthy, but I balanced them out with kisses??? Right? When the party was over, Toddler T passed out and took an awesome 3 hour nap. I did not move from the couch!

You would think a party was all the excitement a 3 year old needed for one day. Mr. T and I had one more trick up our sleeves. When Mr. T came home from work there was one more present hidden under a tarp in the driveway. (It had been in hiding in Mr. T's office for the week). We called Toddler T out and told him to look under the tarp for one more surprise. Cautiously, with a nervous smile, he pulled back the tarp and stared in silence at his very own Ford F-150. Black, just like his daddy's. He has since taken to calling it his "monster truck" and asks to drive it the minute his eyes wake up in the morning. Going to bed that night, Toddler T told Mr. T that it was his best present ever. 

It seems we are all having a good week in the T household.


  1. Congrats on both milestones!!! Very happy to know that you are 12 weeks and entering the 2nd trimester and hoping for a easy breezy pregnancy!!! Happy 3rd birthday to toddler T! Its hard to believe that he is 3 already!!!

    Good luck with your pregnancy and please don't fret too much. Easy pregnancy is different, you are already doing everything different than when pregnant with T. You can try It is similar to fitness pal but geared solely to pregnant mommas!!!

    Good luck and let me know if you need anything!!! Big hugs!!!

  2. No way! Is his truck one of those motorized ones that go ~1 mph and are kid-sized? I always pined after one of those when I was a kid myself - they were so much more fun than actually driving a car as an adult! :-)

  3. Congrats on hitting 12 weeks! Happy birthday to Toddler T!! You have been busy!!
    The weight gain part of pregnancy is tough...I'm with you there!! Just keep growing that healthy baby :) Congrats!