Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Unplanned Doctor Visits in One Day.

For Toddler T and not me.

This little boy will be keeping me on my toes. Something has happened when he turned three. He has leapt out of toddler-hood and into full fledged, "I'm a big boy now."  Some of these new skills are adorable, trying to dress himself and some are frightening, "No mom, I CAN swim. Don't stand near me."

Today, it was just an accident. We had gone to the mall as it was pouring rain and going to the pool was out. We finished up our shopping and were eating pizza when he fell. I'm really not quite sure what happened. He was sitting across from me and was trying to get from one chair to the next. He lost his balance and couldn't get his hands out in front of him. A kind man attempted to help him out of the chairs as I was trying to get myself over to him. Unfortunately for this kind Samaritan, his act of kindness, freaked out poor Toddler T. I go over to him and sat him down on my lap in an attempt to survey the damage. The crying was loud and the teeth were bloody. 


A mom from the next table over handed me some napkins and I got a cup of ice. We packed up and headed to our car. I called his pediatrician's office and they sent us right to the pediatric dentist. Poor Toddler T, thought that we were going back to the emergency room and said it was scary there. He started to calm down and then started to fall asleep in the car.  This concerned me a tiny, tiny bit.

We were seen right away at the dentist. Dr. Jeff stopped his lunch break to see us and could not have been any sweeter to Toddler T. Next up was an x-ray.  Toddler T had not yet had his first set of dental x-rays and it was clear that I could not go with him.  I got a little nervous but my little boy walked off like a champ. He was exited to come back to see me and show me his new toy car from the prize box. The good news is that there was no major damage and we'll follow back up in a two weeks. The dentist asked if he showed any other symptoms of hitting his head and I did mention the sleepiness in the car.

That answer sent us straight over to the pediatricians. I felt a little silly as I really chalked up the sleepiness to it be somewhat close to nap time and a natural reaction to have cried his eyes out for a good ten minutes. But, a bloody mouth and sleepiness earns a small child a full once over. Once again, he was given a clean bill of health. I took him home and gave him Motrin and woke him up one hour into his nap.  Tonight we tried to get him to rinse with salt water... it wasn't great, but could have been worse.

Tomorrow we are headed to see his first movie and hope the day is much less eventful.

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