Thursday, September 27, 2012

Picking a BIRTHday

It's a very weird concept. 
Especially when you are asked for the date you've selected only to be told that that date is not an option.. based on 24 hours and a guideline.

Let me explain.

I went in for my 24 week checkup. Things are looking good. I passed the dreaded glucose tolerance test!! My weight gain remains -ok. Much better than with Toddler T, but probably not at at the pace my doctors would like. I've decided that as long as I know that I'm eating better and not gaining at the same rate, that's all I can worry about. My stomach is measuring 26 weeks, not too problematic as my 24 week appointment was actual at 25 weeks 3 days. 

I was so happy to be meeting with my favorite doctor of the group and she patiently answered my list of questions. In case you were wondering, the questions included topics on the flu shot, pertussis vaccine, lifting restrictions, checking in on my lower abdominal pain, what the new hospital's policy is regarding premature deliveries and transferring out and when we can think about a c-section date. The answers included the following. Everyone needs a flu shot. Mr. T and I will get them soon. Immediate family should be vaccinated for Pertussis, prior to the birth. I will get mine post-partum as the vaccine is a 'live' vaccine. I can carry Toddler T or anything else for that matter, but to stop if I feel pain. The doctor was pleased that I started physical therapy to deal with my lower back pain but said it was time to stop doing the abdominal strengthening exercises.  I was happy to hear that the hospital will keep babies as young as 32 weeks even 30 if they are doing well. The reality is, I am not too concerned about a premature delivery. Toddler T arrived 6 days past his due date. BUT, I was not so lucky. I was born at 28 weeks and my older brother at 30. I just needed to have an idea of a plan in terms of worst case scenario.

Finally, we discussed the big C-Section Date.  Once again, the doctor checked in on my plan for having my remaining fallopian tube removed. I've had about two months to process her recommendations and some long conversations with Mr. T. I've also had a chance to try and make peace with the idea that for all intents and purposes our family will be completed with with the baby. (Grateful beyond words, but, it took some time.) So, I confirmed that at the time of delivery, I will consent to remove the damaged tube. Again, she was compassionate but directly too the point. Keeping it in causes the potential for serious harm with a 3rd ectopic and that risk will be too high for a wife and a mother of two.  

Then she asked about my idea for a date. My due date is officially January 5, 2013. In my head, I have always thought about December 28, 2012. There are a few reasons... 
1. I wanted the date to be in the middle of the two big holidays. 
2. C- sections are usually scheduled no earlier than 39 weeks. 
3. 39 weeks exactly would be a Saturday, so I was hoping to just bump up one day and schedule at 38 weeks, 6 days.
4. Toddler T was big. I had some some difficulties following his delivery. 
5. Toddler T developed Congential Plagiocephaly and by 4 months was doing physical therapy 3 times a week to avoid wearing a helmet.  
4. I did not want this baby to be born in 2013 (since, people were asking my opinion!)

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has recommended that a scheduled inductions or cesarean section deliveries not occur prior to 39 weeks. There is a host of data as to why this has come to be. The most notable leans toward fetal lung development. This is nothing to shrug off and nothing to sail right over. 

I spoke at length with the doctor about my thoughts on the due date including Toddler T's size and my recovery. She was totally on board with the idea of a scheduled date of 38 weeks 6 days. BUT - she will not be on the schedule that week and ultimately the decision would fall to the doctor who is on.  I then met with the scheduler who told me that the date will be December 31, 2012. New Years Eve.  

This isn't sitting well with me.

I will bring my case to the doctor who is on the schedule for that week when I see him at my next appointment. I can't guarantee this will work. But it's my last attempt. In the end, there are worse things than having a baby on New Years Eve.. but since my opinion was asked, I formed one.

Now- I should really encourage Mr. T to get serious about a name. Tiny T only works well on the blog!!


  1. So crazy you are picking c section dates already!

  2. New Year's Eve probably wouldn't be my first choice, but what about trying for New Year's Day? I know it's 2013 but aren't there prizes and newspaper articles for the first babies born in the new year? :-)