Friday, September 14, 2012

Redemption in the Dentist's Chair.

Dental Hygienist.. I won.

I survived your well meaning but disastrous attempts at checking in my fertility status at our last meeting. Asking if I was pregnant within weeks of a failed IVF attempt was a special sort of hurt that I wasn't prepared for.

I'm a whole new girl this checkup. Go ahead, stare at my stomach. Yep, its rounder.  I'm more than halfway through my pregnancy, if you must know.

I checked into my appointment and realized that I had my purse across my stomach. I sat down and wondered what should I do. Should I be a little catty and watch as Dental Hygienist really tried to figure out if I was pregnant and whether or not she should mention it. Part of me wanted to be somewhat rude.  But, deep down, that's just not my nature. I did however, wait until I got all the way back to the chair to spill the beans. Dental Hygienist was warm and gave me a heartfelt congratulations.

It was a big victory.

I scheduled my next check-up for March. I asked if I could bring company. The girls all said that they hoped I'd bring Tiny T.

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