Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting Back to Toddler T

So, Toddler T will turn 3 in less than one month from today. 


When in the hell did that happen? 

I know I shouldn't be surprised, because he is every bit a three year old. He has very clear ideas about what he likes (Vanilla ice cream, plain - no sprinkles or Spaghetti, with or without sauce) and what he doesn't (iced tea, mushrooms and grill lines on hot dogs).

I've started to talk to him about his birthday and see what kind of party he wants. So far, its a party at a bounce house, a sprinkler party in the backyard, a party at the zoo, a gymnastics party or maybe a swimming party.  Mommy votes for a sprinkler party in the backyard!!  

He has mentioned a few things that he wants,  a ride on tractor, a ride on jeep, a tent, and a castle he can play in. Mr. T asked him if he wanted anything else and without missing a beat, he responded, "No, that will be all."  

Oh, ok.

He cracks me up. Which is good, because today was a day that I needed a laugh and a nap.

Here is a rundown:

11:15 - pick him up from nursery school and his teacher asks him to tell Mommy how his day was. He says great. I look at her and know he was telling tall tales. Turns out he was pushing his friends to get their toys and that lead him to a time out. Review with Toddler T the importance of listening and talk about going to the park, after his nap, IF he can listen to mommy.

12pm - He asks for another sandwich at lunch and I go into make it. While in the kitchen I hear "Mommy, come see."  NEVER GOOD.  He has dumped his water into his dish. I left to go get a paper towel and hear, "Mommy, I can do this."  I raced back to the table to see that he is waving the water filled dish over the table which causes all of the water to spill to the floor, with his fruit and some crusts.  Ughhhhhhh. We clean it up, together.

12:30 - I say, "Hey pal, let's try and go to the bathroom. Mommy is going to go. Do you want a turn." "Nope, I'm fine."

12:33 - "MOMMY, MY SHORTS ARE ALL WET."  Toddler T had peed and pooped in his shorts and his 'Big Boy Underwear."  Clean him up and take a deep breath.

12:40- paint spilled all over playroom floor. While talking about why we need to be careful with paint, Toddler T attempts to hit me. Time out commences. Melt down ensues. Remind Toddler T about going to the park if he can follow directions.

12:45- Crying continues, I move to the dining room to put the slipcovers back on the dining room chairs. Reminding myself that it is important to ignore bad behavior.  

12:50- Crying stops. I check on him. He is sitting on the floor in training pants, a t shirt and a football helmet. He says. "See, Mommy, I'm in my spot. Now, we can go to the park. But, my pants are wet. AGAIN"

12:51- Ask him to join me upstairs to get him cleaned up. A new meltdown over the need to be carried up the stairs, as his legs are not working. Remind  Toddler T about going to the park. Final warning. Crying continues. Park is cancelled. Toddler T goes directly through the roof. I make my way upstairs and the crying stops. 

1pm - For no reason whatsoever, the crying starts up again. I then realize that this situation is crazy. I start asking if his ears hurt, his throat, stomach...anything. He says no. Stops crying and asks to go to the park. The cries become a low sob and he agrees to read stories and sing our lullabies.

1:15 - Toddler T to bed, me to the couch.

4:30 - I wake up on the couch. Full of Panic, I check the monitor. Toddler T is still ASLEEP and continues to sleep until 5pm. 

I haven't had one of these days in a long, long time. I knew I was right in cancelling the park trip and can only hope that the next time I remind him to listen, he remembers this somewhat painful afternoon. I can also say that a 4 hour nap is not the norm for him, so maybe today just wasn't his day.

Hopefully, tomorrow is. We are attempting the park.


  1. some days are harder than others, lol. hopefully today is better, if not then maybe 3s are harder than 2s for some. have a better day, continue your naps too!!! always so good to cuddle and get some much needed z'ssssss

  2. I think 3-year-olds (or almost-3-year-olds) are just putting everything out on the surface... I know there have been days for me this past week when I just want someone to carry me up the stairs because my legs don't work anymore. You're such a wonderful mother - anytime you want to come to my house and decree it's time for a restorative 4-hour nap, just let me know, and good luck getting to the park!

  3. sorry, had to laugh at some of it- love toddler t sitting with training pants, t-shirt and football helmet :) hysterical....hopefully today is a better day!!!

  4. Oh my. Sorry it was such a tough day...hoping the park went well today!

    Thank you for the prayers!!! xoxo

  5. Imagine how you will feel when your "baby" is 34. 1,000,000x

  6. Sounds like a rough day... but adorable how he lists off what he wants for his birthday - 3 year olds are so cute sometimes. Our daughter is about to turn 4... and she's already planning all the things she wants for her party... I have to keep reminding her that there may not be enough time for all the games she wants to play !! Love always xoxo