Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well, It IS graduation season.

I'm pretty sure that I had the most unceremonious graduation day this morning. In fact, I'm sure of it. Why, because neither Dr. Compassion nor I realized it would be my last appointment until he was wrapping up my ultrasound.  So there I was, with a paper sheet, saying my goodbyes.

It was, odd.

I think the reason was a little scheduling miscommunication. Dr. Compassion assumed that my new OB would not want to see me until 10-12 weeks. He mentioned that he'd see me until 9 weeks and then I'd transfer over. Well, when I called to make my appointment with the new practice, the nurse wanted me in at 8 weeks. I couldn't get an appointment for my 8th week (this week), so she fit me in for next week at 9 weeks 3 days. This morning, I told Dr. C about my appointment and he said, "Well then, this is it! I don't need to crossover with your new doctor."

We then reviewed my testing plan. I'll be going ahead with the CVS testing in my 11th week with results by week 12. For all the bumps in the road we've had, I know that I'll need any bad news sooner rather than later. But, I was given a fantastic statistic this morning. Dr. C told me that I have a 2% chance of miscarriage at this point or a 98% chance of having a healthy pregnancy! It made me smile and relax a bit. 

Six weeks ago, I could not even let myself envision this day. I could only think about having more than one follicle to go to retrieval with. I could only think about the step immediately in front of me.  But in the tiniest part of my heart, I hoped for this day. I prayed that I would walk out with my grainy black and white picture of a little bean. It felt very surreal to have this happen. 

I then got my afternoon call from the nurse and was told to stop the Metformin and only one more week left of Crinone!! She also wished me a happy graduation day. I asked if Mr. T and I could stop by at a later date to give a more appropriate thanks and the nurse said that would be most appreciated. I have my gift all planned out. The card will read something like this "You've helped us get the sweetest reward, please enjoy." It will rest on large tray of baked goods. Who can pass up homemade treats?

Mr. T and I are entering a phase where the dreams we were scared to have, are slowly coming true.  So far, this pregnancy is going on the right course and Toddler T is all about his big boy underwear.  

Life is grand.


  1. Wonderful stats :)) So sweet of you to take them in baked goodies... i'd feel sad to say goodbye to the place that's been so much a part of my life... Thinking of you as you move onto the next step xoxo

  2. a BIG congrats to you!!! all you needed was 1!!! can't wait to watch the next steps of your pregnancy and toddler t's big steps too!

  3. I love this: "Mr. T and I are entering a phase where the dreams we were scared to have, are slowly coming true."

  4. Lovely post! I remember that graduation feeling and it's a great one, even if the good bye was a bit odd. Waiting to hear about the next appointment.

  5. Could not be more thrilled and elated for you!!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION!!!!

  6. I am so excited and happy for you. Happy graduation!!!!

  7. My laptop always gives me a hard time commenting on your blog! Grrr!
    This is so exciting...Congrats on graduation! Jealous too you are stopping the Met. I am back on again starting this cycle and not looking forward to the side effects again!