Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Strep, No Nap and Flowers

I'll just bet that you thought that the first two words were related to Toddler T.


He did not nap today.
But I shouldn't complain, he took a 4.5 hour nap on Monday. The sad thing is, I was convinced that he was going to wake up any minute. Therefore, I would not start any large task.  You know, like cleaning the house from top to bottom to get prepared for Christmas, ironing napkins or cleaning out the fridge. Nope, nothing. Just a few loads of laundry and a whole lot of Internet time.
Looking back, perhaps I was a tad lazy that afternoon.

But back to the riddle at hand.

No Nap goes to Toddler T. Any guesses about the next two?


That's me. I have strep.
Right, like I'm 10 years old.
Like I haven't had my fill of doctors this past year.
But I don't mind entirely.
This doctor is fantastic, and he gave Toddler T a mock check up, too.
And anyone who is engaged with my child wins with me.


ME!!! Flowers, delivered to me.
From Mr. T. with a sweet sentiment about giving the boot to 2011.
Is there anything better than that?
Pretty flowers with my name on the card, just because.

I agree with Mr T, adios 2011.


  1. You are wise, witty, and wonderful. I am sorry you are going through this. And I'm glad you've found a way to unburden yourself a bit. No need to muddle along alone. Or be perennially cheery. Please understand that I try to respect your privacy; so a lack of discussion is not a lack of interest or empathy. Just trying to mind your personal space. Love you and agree - let the New Year begin!

  2. Ugh...strep is the worst (but flowers are pretty damn cool)! Feel better.

  3. Flowers?!!? how wonderful!!!!! let's give 2011 the boot and onward and upward for you!!!!