Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh God, are you there? It's me, Mrs. T

This seems like a fitting title for me today.

Young Margaret and I share some things in common. Ok, she is 14 and I am 34, but we are both desperately waiting for our periods, cycles, menses... Whatever you'd prefer to call them we are both enlisting in a higher power to summon them.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I did not have one.single.issue.ever. when it came to my gyn history.  I was dependable. Like clockwork.   But now, I have spent 2 weeks injecting myself with drugs that didn't work. What they did do, was wreck havoc on my cycle. Dr. Specialist told me that I would be back on track 6 days following the last injection of Lupron. Here it is 23 days later and I'm looking at another ultrasound and blood draw to see what's going on.

I called the nurse yesterday to figure out what to do next. She agreed it's time for that ultrasound and blood work. She said that I probably felt like I'm wasting time.

Seriously. Come on. FEEL like I'm wasting time. I AM wasting time.

What does this mean... well, the promise that "I'd look good for an egg retrieval and embryo(s) transfer mid-January" just went.right.out.the.friggin.window. It means that it's more likely February. It means that another month is going by. It means that we are still waiting.

So, 2011, it is time for you to leave. It is time for your empty promises, failed deadlines and craptastic doctor's appointments to be a thing of the past.

2012, I welcome you with open arms. Please, be kind to us.

Tonight we will ring in the New Year and I will pray for strength for tomorrow and continued happiness with what we do have today. I wish the same to all of you that have stopped by to read and leave a comment. They are wonderful to read and are very much appreciated.


  1. It seems so impolite to ask after uncle red. He'll be along just as soon as you are dressed all in white with no accessible sanitary products. Cycles sometimes change with the shortening days. Why not you? While I am sure you feel as though you ARE being patient, I think you may need to amp up the meaning of patience to an unknown level. Stand strong. You don't want anything rushed even a little. You actually know about harvesting--sometimes early in the season, sometimes late. But typically we wait until things are ripe. Enter 2012 with renewed strength--which I know you have. There is every reason to expect a grand New Year.

  2. I hope your NYE was a good one and that 2012 is even better.

    So sorry the Lupron just messed with you. Fingers crossed everything gets sorted out as soon as possible and that you are one your way again. I completely know what it is like to not have something happen when you were hoping on it.