Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Our tree is down.
Ornaments packed securely away.
I have vacuumed the family room 3 times.
I have my eye on an arts and crafts project for Valentine's Day.
Toddler T went to nursery school in pull-ups and came home dry.
Tomorrow I go back to the baby-lab for blood work and an ultrasound.
I hope to get an idea of what we do next.

This is how I balance.

I'm a mom of pacifier dependant, potty training, humorous toddler and I'm also trying very hard to give him a sibling. Here is a good example. I canceled my baby-lab appointment today. I can hear the gasp's. The remarks. "What, she cancelled a baby-lab appointment?" or "Who does that? " or "IVF treatment above all else!!!!" Now, please exhale and let me explain.

Balance, It is healthy.

I made the appointment for my blood work and ultrasound while sitting in my friend's kitchen and helping two, two year olds get settled for lunch. Something was nagging at me the whole time. Something felt amiss. Then I got home and realized. Toddler T will be back at nursery school this morning. In pull ups. After a week's vacation. It was important for me to go with him. To take him to the school bathroom and explore it. I could not be in two places at the same time.

So, I balanced.

Toddler T to school today. Non-critical lab appointment tomorrow.

It felt to take some control.

Because if all goes well, in a few weeks I will be back to living life by the IVF calendar and will be surrendering control to Dr. Specialist.


  1. Go J! and go you, doing what you need to do to be balanced.

  2. Even though you're trying for another child, you still have to do what's best for the child you already have! It's tough to figure out where to draw the line, but sounds like you've got your head on straight (for now...those hormones are a doozy)!

  3. Hi from Cyclesista! Good luck on your IVF!