Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello Lupron

How I've missed your dull headaches.

I can only hope that I avoid the dreaded 3am hot flashes, the ones that were so hideous, that I found myself drenched with sweat and feeling trapped in the Sahara several times throughout the night.  I'm told that the microdose Lupron will be much more tolerable.  It's a diluted version of regular Lupron and the hope is that my body isn't suppressed to the point of not responding to the stimulation medications this go around. Less suppression = less feeling like I'm in early menopause.

Bravelle and Menopur, I did forget your burn. Good to see you both again.

Doxycycline, you can't fool me twice. I will never again take you on an empty stomach.

Burn, give me a headache, make me nauseous and throw in a few bruises.... But 


That is all.

Mrs. T


  1. Good luck with the hot flashes!!!

  2. Hot flashes do not sound fun! Good luck!

  3. Oh man reading that I can't lie I just got scared as hell. I don't start Lupron till 2/12. I'm on 10iu's to start then I back down to 5. OMG I hope this cycle works for you keeping my fingers crossed for you and adding you to my prayer list!

    1. Mrs. H, don't be too scared. It is honestly not terrible. It's more annoying than anything. For me, it was much better once I connected the dots. With the last cycle, I didn't know that fatigue, headaches and hot flashes were side effects of Lupron. So for about a week, I thought I was going nuts. Now, I know... its much more manageable. As for the burn with injecting Bravelle and Menopur, its usually gone within 10 seconds. Thanks for the prayers. I will be thinking of you and MR. H as well!

  4. I hated those headaches and started taking Excedrin Migraine during school b/c those middle schoolers don't give you a break, but then someone told me that the caffeine in that could actually be bad for me (and my impending pregnancy) which totally blew up my spot! Hang in will pass, but it's going to be a PITA until then.