Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Daily Minutiae

minutiaeplural of mi·nu·ti·ae

                                  Noun:       Trivial details of something

Potty Training: in pull-up purgatory. Toddler T finds sitting on the potty less enthraling, so underwear have been replaced by pull-ups. Diapers are no longer acceptable to him so we are playing a waiting game. But, I'm ok with it. 

Existentialist Crisis: Over. Why? Several reasons. 
  1. Just by writing my thoughts down, I felt less jumbled.
  2. I recevied many messages both public and private about the idea that God does not hand you more than you can handle, regardless of how it winds up in your lap or in my case, uterus. I found this comforting and a good dose of reality. 
  3. Mr. T spent an overnight at a man baby shower. I can assure you, no one was writing down the dad's suspected weight, or measuring his stomach.  In reality, it was a last hurrah for him, as this man-shower also coincided with playoff games.  None of that is important. What is important is that several of the attendees where dad's of multiplies via IVF.  They got to share their perspectives and that was much appreciated.
  4. I am excited. One, Two.. I'm ok with either.  I am just ready to get to the point where I am pregnant. I am ready to think about names, and baby clothes and Christmas Cards and all those other things that pop into your mind when you are pregnant.
Weekend Agenda:

Friday: Aquarium!! Mommy, Daddy and Toddler T Day!!!  Followed by, dinner at a new Mexican Restaraunt (Just Mr. T and I.  So excited. Dinner, Adult conversation and a margarita!

Saturday: Entertaining our friends' girls while the parents pack up their home for an upcoming move. It is true, the more the merrier. A whole morning can sail by when Toddler T has a few pals to keep his attention.

Sunday: Playoffs... a few more weeks and then football is behind us.

But the best of all- Next Friday will be here before I know it and that is my FIRST monitoring appointment to see if I can go ahead with the stimulation meds for IVF 1.5!


  1. So nice to have things to look forward to! (Including football being behind us, soon...)

  2. I like where your head is at, girl. Let the positivity flow.... Have a FUN weekend. :) Fyuck

  3. I hope your appointment goes well - but can I just say for a minute that I kind of wish man-showers did involve measuring his stomach? Not that they can't watch the game while they do it, I just think it might be kind of fun to subject them to the same stuff we ladies go through at these events... especially if beer is involved!

    1. Man- Showers, Funny, Right? I did send Mr. T with a pastel gift bag filled with baby things. It would have been better if he had to walk into the bar carrying it, but oh well!

  4. How could you speak of football being over? It makes me cry! LOL

    It's are handed what you can handle. You will come out of this a stronger woman in ways you'll never see coming. It's also amazing what it does for your marriage.

    I'm glad that Mr. T got some time with other IVFers, but a man baby shower? LAME!!!

    1. R- I know, you are a die hard and I commend you and Mr T's dedication to the sport. For you, I will throw out a "Go Big Blue!!".