Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What to do with my free time?

Why, potty train, of course!

I thought figuring out how to mix my million dollar very expensive, hormone cocktail was stressful. Boy, was I wrong.  Self-injecting super pricey meds for an unknown outcome was nothing compared to potty training.

Who knew?

There are approximately 876 different techniques of how to get your child our of diapers. I know this because I have scoured every resource on the world wide web. I have talked with friends. I have talked it over with Mr. T. I have consulted with both grandmothers. What I have realized is - everyone has their own best method. But the kick is, it's not only figuring out  WHAT method to use... it's figuring out WHEN to start.

I decided that today was the day. I decided that we were going cold turkey. No pull-ups.

So, I told Mr. T, today is the day. I turned the heat up in the house. I even dressed Big Elmo in some new knickers. I announced that today was the day and handed Toddler T his new big boy truck underwear. We spent the day playing with new Christmas toys. I in my jammies, Toddler T in a sweatshirt, underwear and socks... we both looked good! Things went great (for day 1). And then it was time to sleep.

Round 3 decisions... Are we night and day training at the same time? Will he wear a diaper? Rubber pants? Plain old truck underwear. I was panicked. I put a garbage bag under his fitted sheet. I tried rubber pants and he said "Off! These are scratchy." Off came the rubber pants. I guess I'm just diving on in. Toddler T was put to bed in the truck underwear.

For the record, I have changed the sheets once. I contemplated a diaper. I stood strong.

It is 9:15 he is still awake and is usually asleep by 7:45. I hear him singing little diddy's right now. I'm staying downstairs and will try not to research potty training to death on the Internet.

But, if anyone would like to throw a tip my way...... feel free.


  1. I have zero tips for you (other than most people find it easier to work on day first, then naps/night) - but good luck! I need to cold turkey B...I'm thinking some boring, snowy day when we are trapped inside anyway.

  2. How is it going? We just potty trained our daughter in September. We started out with diapers or pull-ups for naps and night, but she learned to stay dry very quickly; actually the accidents were good for learning because she'd be so upset about them that it motivated her to stay dry, or to tell us when she needed to get up at night to pee.

    My only advice is, you know your child best - his personality and what motivates him. Be willing to be flexible, and don't fret about making mistakes. It's better for you to stay calm and let him take charge of the process for himself than to get upset (at him or at yourself) over accidents.

    It's trial and error for both of you. And it will be with my second one too, because every child is different!

    Good luck!

  3. An adventure for both of you, I'm sure! Good luck.

  4. Projectprogency - It's going. I tried the rip.it.off.like.a.bandaid approach, and that wasn't for us. Toddler T had his 2.5 y/o checkup this week and his Dr suggested pullups at night and nap. So, that's what i switched to. We are plodding along, a few accidents here and there. He actually was mad about wearing the pullup the first night but then last night asked for his diapers! Life with a two year old!