Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IVF Orientation, Take 2

This morning was our IVF orientation and injectibles class. I'm going to summarize my two experiences with this class at both clinics.

Dr. M's office:
Nurses had a "We are doing you a favor in teaching you how to shoot yourself up."
We learned about the IVF cycle in an empty procedure room with Mr. T sitting in a blood draw chair.
We then moved into another ultrasound room to learn about our injections and dosing. The syringes and supplies were laid out on the exam table.
The nurse carefully instructed us on how to use the medication that comes in PEN form.
This was only a problem, because that was not the medication I was using.
I was handed a list of medications and told to pick a pharmacy to fill them at.
I was so unsure of what I actually needed and when, I burst into tears when I finally made it to the specialty pharmacy. 
As we wrapped up, the nurse advised us to look on youtube for videos if we needed additional assistance.

Dr. Neutral's office
The nurses walked through every.single.step of what was going to happen. Even though I'd been through this twice before, it was so nice to hear it again.
We sat in a conference room and all of the samples were in front of us. 
The nurse explained that she'd call in 10 days worth of my medications at a time. 
She then agreed to call in only 5 days worth as I'm a little gun shy of ordering the whole kit and kaboodle at once.
She explained what each medication was for, when I'd take it and at what dose. (Estrace, Ganrielex, Ovidel, Bravelle, Menopur, Medrol and doxycyline)
We were then told that we would get a reminder call the day before I'm supposed to start the Estrace.
I learned that I'm going to save some money by skipping the injectible Progesterone-in-oil and can use the gel!!! (Since we are out of pocket for all injectibles, I'm excited to save a little money)

And then......

The Calendar.  The Calendar.

You know the one that lays everything out. What day to start stims. When a tentative Egg Retrieval is. When the tentative Embryo Transfer might be. And the funniest thing happened. I started to have a Pavlovian Response to the conversation. Instead of being excited about dates, I started feeling my hands shake and my heart beat a little faster. I was feeling panicked about the thought of not making it to Egg Retrieval. I tried my best to get it under control and I'm not really sure it was obvious to anyone else. But it was there. And I am just hoping against all odds that I can prove DREAD and FEAR wrong.  

I'm ready to share too many dates yet, but it would be fair to say that by the first week in May, I will know whether this worked or not. 

So, game on. IVF attempt 3 will formally begin next week with the start of Estrace. In the meantime, Acupuncture tomorrow. Spinning class on Friday and Lunch bunch with Toddler T and pals tomorrow.


  1. Great that they were so lovely... can make such a difference :) Know what you mean about Pavlovian Response... I often start sweating at simple things or even just walking back into the clinic ! Wonderful that you've got a plan... I find that so reassuring and something to work towards. thinking of you xoxo

  2. Looks like the first week of May will be a big week for both of us! Happy to hear you've started up again. I'll be cheering you on!! xoxo

    1. When are you getting the ball rolling?

  3. Your blog is amazing. Thanks for sharing your story. I really hope this cycle is successful. The first week in May last year is when I got my good news & I pray it's the same for you.

    1. Thanks Lizz, i'm soliciting all the prayers I can!

  4. I hate that it makes you nervous, but I totally understand it. It really sounds like your experience this time is SO much better. I didn't know about this gel...we had to use the PIO and it was painful and ridiculous.