Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Dealing with Secondary Infertility and Being a Senior Citizen are Similar

I had a to laugh at myself this morning when I thought of this post idea. And the more I thought about it, I realized, the two groups of people share more in common than one might realize.

  1. We talk about our doctors, our tests, our blood work and our PROCEDURES.
  2. We bemoan the cost of prescriptions and many of us participate in pharmacy rebate programs.
  3. Early Bird Special. We all go out to dinner at 5:30. (The T Family went out to dinner on Sunday night at 5:30 sharp and it was us and the Canasta/Shuffle Board set.)
  4. We know better than to cancel a doctor's appointment and make all plans around those sacred times.
  5. We see multiple treatment providers and specialists.
  6. We use pill boxes. 
  7. We are unsatisfied with our health care coverage and the role it plays in determining our treatment and where we can go.
So there I was, brushing my teeth and I remembered I had to start my Estrace today. I reached up and grabbed my Day-of-the-week Pill Box. And sure enough, in the Tu box there was a new, little, blue pill.  I bought the pill boxes last weekend. It's hard to keep up with 7 different pills taken at 2 different times in the day!  Mr. T thinks it humorous that I had to buy a pill box. But the reality is, some mornings I second guess whether or not I put deodorant on, let alone remember if I took the CORRECT FOUR pills.  


  1. This is so funny, but it is so true. I do many of those things myself.

  2. I looooove my pill box... it has all my vitamins and supplements in it and I my phone alarm goes off to remind me when to take medication that has to be exactly timed !! You're so right... love your analogy. When I asked the pharmacist where I could empty my sharps container (with IVF meds syringes), he said quite seriously that the safest place would be at the needle exchange program at the city council (costs elsewhere etc)... with all the drug addicts !! So I guess we're a maybe like a junkie senior citizen sometimes :)) xoxo

    1. To spare you the uncomfortable experience of going to the junkie drop off, did you try your clinic? Mine lets me bring my full sharps containers in and then I dump it into their giant ones.

  3. Wait - I'm pretty sure Mr. T suggested not only suggested the Pillbox and then thought he could make a million dollars off creating some sort of specialized IVFortless pill/syringe/sharp box/alarm clock all in one. Not 100% sure - but like, 94%.

  4. Hahaha!! This is hilarious...and so very true!