Friday, March 9, 2012

Trampolines and Toddlers

I must admit the next few posts are going to be out of order. The T household is currently a work in progress as Mr. Earl (our super nice, always takes time to indulge Toddler T's request, reliable painter) is currently scraping down walls and repainting.

Tangible needs folks. Tangible needs. Can't have a baby. Can't fix that. Have cracked, chipping paint. Can fix that. New paint = happier Mrs. T.  Tangible results.

As a result, we have been living like gypsies with nap times at Nannie's and sleepover parties at Mana's and I have not had much time to update.

So, back to trampolines and toddlers.

Last Friday, Nannie (Mr. T's mom) and I took Toddler T and I to a swing set store that offers a free play in the morning. Kids get to play, mom's get to oooh and ahhh over swing sets, mom's probably convince dad's that the swing sets are necessary because


Swing sets get sold and kids get to run around like maniacs. Everyone wins.

Except Toddler T.

I could see him eyeing up the trampolines. I brought him over and had the thought that having 2 kids of different ages, with different parent's may not be the best in terms of a trampoline experience. It seems as though the management felt the same as the asked for 1 child to bounce at a time, per the signs on EVERY trampoline. So, I said, "Toddler T, we have to wait our turn. One at a time. We'll come back." This was acceptable and off we went to the swing sets with forts to have a pretend spaghetti dinner.

 A little while later, I noticed one of the swing sets was vacant. I offered Toddler T a turn and he was PUMPED. Off came the shoes, in through the net and he was thrilled. I took a little while for him to get his trampoline groove, but when he did... it was pretty funny to watch.

And then Older Boy showed up. Older Boy was not with a parent (right next to him) and looked no older than 5. Older Boy climbed aboard, brought a basketball and started jumping and shooting hoops. I found myself with a clear mom-dilemma. Be THAT mom (the crazy one) and explain to this little boy that it was one at a time and we'd be done in a jiffy. Or I could just keep an eye on them and hope for the best. And then Older Boy jumped while Toddler T was coming down and as he crashed down I saw his neck whip back and forth. And then I heard THE cry. Not the whine, it was my turn or the fake cry because I want that Lightening McQueen band aid. But THE cry. The MOMMY, I'M NOT KIDDING THIS HURT SO MUCH I'M SCARED CRY.

I worked my way through the safety net and retrieved a hysterical Toddler T. While climbing off the ladder trying to assess him, I noticed Older Boy's Mom. She casually sauntered over and looked at her son, Toddler T then me and looked away.

Now, let me make something super-clear. Kids get hurt. I'm aware of that. Scrapped knees and bruises are a part of growing up. Toddler T has been bitten in daycare and has shoved kids out of his way when he wanted to play on his workbench ALONE. My point is, he's been on both sides of the coin. BUT, when he hits or shoves or just acts like an entitled little monster and I want to cringe and hide. I'M the one that's supposed to keep it together figure out what happened, have him apologize and move on.

So, it's not that he got hurt it's that I was surprised that Older Boy's Mom didn't even through out "Is he OK?" No need for an apology, just a simple question.

In the end, we ended up with a quick trip to the pediatrician's office as it seemed as though he didn't want to put any weight on his left leg. I shared my dilemma with the pediatrician about not wanting to be THAT mom and having a small child run and tell his mom that a strange lady yelled at him.  Even Dr. C had been there too. No one wants to be the pain in the ass mom.  For the record, Toddler T is fine. I'm still not sure how comfortable I'd be with being THAT mom.


  1. So glad the little guy is OK. People really can be unbelievable.

    I had my "that mom" moment (well, almost) at Costco a few months ago. Ben was in a cart, and we were standing at a sample table (of course). A woman pushed her cart directly into mine, smashing his fingers in the process. He started to wail and she looked at his smashed fingers, then at me, and walked away. I was busy comforting him so I couldn't take her to task. The Costco sample ladies, meanwhile, were scurrying around asking to give him treats, call for medical help, basically offering to give us our stuff for free! So they sort of restored my faith in humanity for a moment.

  2. I found your blog from PAIL...

    Oh I SO hear you. There have been MANY times my daughter has been on the receiving end of bad behavior...and I SO want to say something to the other kids...and sometimes I do. I'll tell the other kid "That wasn't very nice" or I'll flat out ask them where their parent is then ask the parent to mind their child. My daughter is too young to understand yet the diplomatic way of standing up for herself...and I don't want her to "hit" back, but I DO want her to learn to stand up for I have to do it until she learns how to do it the "right" way.

  3. Ugh...that sucks! I am TOTALLY that Mom. I think it's the teacher in me. I like to boss kids around.