Monday, March 19, 2012

Mock Embryo Transfer and Diggin' at the Job Site

A crazy pairing of words. But such is the day of an individual dealing with secondary infertility.  I was lucky enough to have my mom come and stay with Toddler T while I left to have blood work, a hysteroscopy and the mock embryo transfer. 

Going through this process would simply not happen without the support of our families. I am at the doctor's office at least 1 time a week most times twice a week and have been for the past 6 months. This is stressful and challenging and to walk out my door and know that Toddler T is having a blast puts my mind at ease and keeps my mom-guilt at bay.

Now on to the appointment. Let me again say, I love this new group. I haven't jumped on board with doctor worship, but I truly appreciate a professional and caring environment. But, truth be told. I have one complaint. I am beginning to look like a junkie. The nurses cannot seem to draw my blood in one attempt. I am officially a two stick girl. The second stick usually involves some fishing around with the needle in my arm. I have begun to make a joke about it with each appointment and hope my veins will get a break soon.

I was surprised that the mock embryo transfer was so official. I was sent over to the surgical side of the office and was handed a gown, hat and booties. I walked back to the procedure room and could not have been any happier that both the hysteroscopy and mock embryo transfer took no more than 10 minutes. Without divulging too much information, they are both mildly uncomfortable when you have just consumed 40+ ounces of water.

The good news, yes GOOD NEWS.  Is that both went well. No issues. No concern that the actual transfer might be problematic. Now, let's just get there this time!

I'm back to the office on Wednesday with Mr. T to sit through our injection class as well as IVF orientation (I think we will be at the top of the class as this isn't our first time to the dance.)

I drove home, windows down, non-kiddo music blasting and got to spend some quality time with my mom while Toddler T napped. Precisely two hours after he went to bed, his little eyes popped open and it was ON.  "I want to go outside and dig. Ride my bike. Look for the birds. Play, Mommy. Is it time to wake up now?" 

So, that is what we did. All of it. Toddler T can have a max 2 minute attention span when playing inside. But, put him outside with a shovel and his diggers and a pile of dirt. He doesn't move. He has created his own jobsite in our backyard.  He loves it. I love it.  He amazed me while he was riding his bike. I had no idea he could go that fast AND steer. He is truly, all boy and I am thrilled that he can run off some of that boy-energy outside in the fresh air.


  1. Know exactly how your feel... having to juggle appts and a toddler... can be a huge challenge. Great that you have your family's support... makes such a difference. Our toddler would much prefer to be outside too... can be out there for ages :)) Lovely that your mock transfer went so well... FXd for the real thing... thinking of you xoxo

  2. So glad everything went well....and glad "hope" is back!

  3.'s so hard. You're so lucky to have your family around.

    That double stick business does not sound fun at all!

    Your son sounds adorable...he'd fit right in around here!