Saturday, April 14, 2012

12 hours from now,

I will be in the operating room getting ready for my egg retrieval. I hope to already be feeling the effects of the propofol and hope that my mind will be fuzzy. I also hope that I get to sleep tonight. 

By design, we had a very full day today. It started with blood work at 9:45. I also made the bold move to donate my unused cetrotide, syringes and other supplies. The nurse asked if I was ready to donate the supplies without knowing if this worked or not. I am, because I truly believe that one way or another I will never inject myself with that particular medication again. She wished me good luck and I headed out the door.

From there, we drove to the Zoo. It was a the most perfect day. Toddler T loved it and I was great for Mr. T too. You see, as a stay at home mom,  I get to go on these outings all the time. Toddler T is so used to activities, that the first thing out of his mouth, in the morning, is, "Where are we going on our adventure today, Mommy."  I love any chance to watch Mr. T see our son explore something new. It also helped that Toddler T loves ammals (animals) and there was a playground. 

We headed home and put him down for a nap with the promise that when he woke up, we'd be off to the park. He napped and we kept our word. We hit the park and spent the entire time in the sandbox. Next was pizza and then a special trip to the ice cream shop with the carousel. I wasn't joking when I said we had a full day.

Now, I am home. Toddler T is upstairs in his bed (not quite asleep) and the thoughts are creeping in.  I'd like to keep them at bay and settle in and watch a movie.  That's going to be tricky because A. I'm starving (Dr. Compassion has requested that I stick to a clear diet today. Chocolate Italian Ice is clear, right?) and B. I'm so nervous.excited.relieved.scared.sad.hopeful.anxious.terrified.eager.

Pinot Grigio is clear too, right?


  1. I'm crossing my fingers for you and hope that leftie came out of hiding.

  2. Thinking of you and wondering if you are home and how it all went! Everything I can crossed is crossed for you guys! Funny, just realized I have my legs crossed right now too! Hoping the journey is on the right path! big hugs!!

  3. I tried writing to you yesterday on my phone but it wasn't working...I am thinking about you and hope for a positive outcome. You are incredibly brave and strong and DESERVE to have success. Hope everything goes well today. Wishing you nothing but the best!!

  4. Pinot is most definitely clear! Pulling for you and hoping this could be the start of a new journey...

  5. Thinking of you for your retrieval... actually, you've probably had it by now, so am also thinking of you as you recover and your little embies growing. Lovely that you had such a special day together... know what you mean about distracting yourself, I always need to keep super busy on the day before big ivf events too xoxo