Friday, April 6, 2012

Hunting for Eggs... Literally

Toddler T and I went to an egg hunt this morning and he looked pretty cute in his "Egg Hunt Champion" T-shirt. It was sponsored by my MOMS club and a fellow MOM mentioned that he was an enthusiastic Egg Hunter. I said a silent prayer that he wasn't actually bowling children over to get to the coveted eggs. As it turns out, he was simply enthusiastic and not a little egg demon and I didn't see him shove anyone who stood between him and that plastic egg that held the promise of chocolate. Toddler T is all about Easter eggs and the fact that the Bunny is coming TO.OUR.HOUSE and might BRING.HIM.PRESENTS!!!!! It was a really fun morning and he has no idea that I already hid the majority of his candy. 

A quick aside on MOMs clubs.  I joined my local chapter about a year and a half ago. I was working part time and looking to meet up with local moms and maybe join a playgroup. It has been one of the best decisions I have made as a mom, especially as first time mom, raising her child in an area that she was not too familar with. Now that I am home, full time, the benefits have just grown tremendously. If you are a mom, check it out. If you are waiting to become a mom, stick this resource in the back of your brain... it might be helpful one day!

Turns out, the MOMs Club egg hunt was the second egg hunt of the day. The first, occurred at 7:15 am and was conducted with an ultrasound!  My anxiety was high as I am caught right in the middle of "This is never going to work." and "Of course this is going to work, we've been through enough." I honestly never know which thought I'm going to have at any given moment. So, back to the internal egg hunt and my rising anxiety. The covering doctor performed the ultrasound and told me that she has zero expectations for the first monitoring appointment during the stimulation phase.  She plainly informed that I have 6 follicles split evenly between my left and right ovaries. 

Later on in the day, I got a phone call from the nurse that I am to stop taking the estrogen and that I will be seen again on Sunday morning at 10am. Yes, for all you Christians out there, that is Easter Sunday at 10am. To be fair, I wasn't going to be at Church, I was going to be in the car headed to my parents' house.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, my belief in religion is strong, my track record at attendance of Mass is spotty. I'm not upset that this appointment has interfered with my attendance in a House of Worship. I'm upset because it is out of my control. I wanted to spend my Easter Sunday the way I wanted too and not at the hands of an IVF flow sheet. It is just another reminder that I need to surrender control. This total surrender would be so much easier if I knew that IVF was going to work.

But, I don't and I'm not the RE, so after Toddler T has opened his basket, I'll slip out the door and see if the Easter Bunny has left me some more eggs.


  1. Mom's clubs (or mother's groups as we call them here in Oz) are a wonderful idea... I've loved being part of mine and has helped so much over the years. Love the egg hunt idea :)) Know what you mean about "needing to surrender control. This total surrender would be so much easier if I knew that IVF was going to work"... I find that IVF always seems to interfere with plan at the worst possible time and it would certainly be more bearable, if only we had a crystal ball and knew that it was worth all the inconvenience :( FXd for you and happy easter xoxo

  2. FXd that your doctor finds more hidden follicles! I will be at service and I will say a Happy Easter Prayer for your eggie hunt! I know my struggle is different than yours, but in the words of my husband "God's got this Honey." Sending you huge hugs, and well wishes Love!

  3. I will be praying for some more found eggs for you tomorrow! K and I will take care of going to Mass for you. (If we can get a seat with the rest of the Christmas and Easter Catholics.) So glad we are in the moms' club together - it has made the last year or so much, much better for me, too.

    1. Thanks for persuading me to give the MOMs club a second try!